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[graf-uh-fohn] /ˈgræf əˌfoʊn/

a phonograph for recording and reproducing sounds on wax records.


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  • Graph-oriented object database

    language, database (GOOD) A graph manipulation language for use as a database query language. [“A Graph-Oriented Object Database Model”, M. Gyssens et al, Proc ACM Symp Princs of Database Sys, Mar 1990]. (1995-03-07)

  • Graphorrhea

    graphorrhea graph·or·rhe·a (grāf’ə-rē’ə) n. The writing of long lists of meaningless words, as occurs in some manic disorders.

  • Graphotype

    [graf-uh-tahyp] /ˈgræf əˌtaɪp/ Trademark. 1. a typewriterlike machine for embossing letters upon thin sheets of metal, as for use in an addressing machine.

  • Graph-paper

    noun 1. paper printed with a pattern of straight or curved lines, especially a grid of small squares, for plotting or drawing graphs and curves. noun 1. paper printed with intersecting lines, usually horizontal and vertical and equally spaced, for drawing graphs, diagrams, etc

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