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To worry; fret: All a bookmaker graums about is they don’t drop an atom bomb

[1950s+; perhaps fr Middle English gramen, ”be afflicted or tormented,” fr Old English]


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  • Graunch

    /ɡrɔːntʃ/ verb 1. (transitive) (NZ) to crush or destroy 2. (South African) to kiss and cuddle (someone) passionately

  • Graupel

    [grou-puh l] /ˈgraʊ pəl/ noun 1. . /ˈɡraʊpəl/ noun 1. soft hail or snow pellets graupel (grou’pəl) A small, white ice particle that falls as precipitation and breaks apart easily when it lands on a surface. Also called snow pellet, soft hail.

  • Graustark

    [grou-stahrk, graw-] /ˈgraʊ stɑrk, ˈgrɔ-/ noun 1. a novel (1901) by George Barr McCutcheon about the romantic and melodramatic adventures of military and courtly figures in the fictional kingdom of Graustark.

  • Grav

    /ɡræv/ noun 1. a unit of acceleration equal to the standard acceleration of free fall. 1 grav is equivalent to 9.806 65 metres per second per second g

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