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speaking in a rough and rasping tone


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    [greyv-lee] /ˈgreɪv li/ noun 1. Samuel L(ee), Jr. 1922–2004, U.S. naval officer: first black admiral. adv. 1550s, “solemnly,” from grave (adj.) + -ly (2).

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    [grey-vuh n] /ˈgreɪ vən/ verb 1. a past participle of 3 . adjective 2. deeply impressed; firmly fixed. 3. carved; sculptured: a graven idol. [greyv] /greɪv/ verb (used with object), graved, graven or graved, graving. 1. to carve, sculpt, or engrave. 2. to impress deeply: graven on the mind. [greyv] /greɪv/ verb (used with object), […]

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    [greyv; for 4, 6 also grahv] /greɪv; for 4, 6 also grɑv/ adjective, graver, gravest for 1–3, 5. 1. serious or solemn; sober: a grave person; grave thoughts. 2. weighty, momentous, or important: grave responsibilities. 3. threatening a seriously bad outcome or involving serious issues; critical: a grave situation; a grave illness. 4. Grammar. 5. […]

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    [skhrah-vuh n-hah-khuh] /ˌsxrɑ vənˈhɑ xə/ noun 1. Dutch name of The Hague. [skhrah-vuh n-hah-khuh] /ˈsxrɑ vənˈhɑ xə/ noun 1. a Dutch name of The Hague. /xraːvənˈhaːxə/ noun 1. ‘s Gravenhage, a Dutch name for (The) Hague /sxraːvənˈhaːxə/ noun 1. a Dutch name for (The) Hague

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