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[greyt-grand-ant, -ahnt] /ˌgreɪtˈgrændˌænt, -ˌɑnt/

an aunt of one’s grandfather or grandmother.


Read Also:

  • Great-grandchild

    [greyt-gran-chahyld] /ˌgreɪtˈgrænˌtʃaɪld/ noun, plural great-grandchildren. 1. a grandchild of one’s son or daughter.

  • Great-granddaughter

    [greyt-gran-daw-ter] /ˌgreɪtˈgrænˌdɔ tər/ noun 1. a granddaughter of one’s son or daughter.

  • Great-grandfather

    [greyt-gran-fah-th er, -grand-] /ˌgreɪtˈgrænˌfɑ ðər, -ˈgrænd-/ noun 1. a grandfather of one’s father or mother. n. 1510s, from great + grandfather.

  • Great-grandmother

    [greyt-gran-muhth-er, -grand-, -gram-] /ˌgreɪtˈgrænˌmʌð ər, -ˈgrænd-, -ˈgræm-/ noun 1. a grandmother of one’s father or mother. n. 1520s, from great + grandmother.

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