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[greyt-gran-nef-yoo, -nev-yoo, -grand-] /ˌgreɪtˈgrænˌnɛf yu, -ˌnɛv yu, -ˈgrænd-/

a grandson of one’s nephew or niece.


Read Also:

  • Great-grandniece

    [greyt-gran-nees, -grand-] /ˌgreɪtˈgrænˌnis, -ˈgrænd-/ noun 1. a granddaughter of one’s nephew or niece.

  • Great-grandparent

    [greyt-gran-pair-uh nt, -par-, -grand-] /ˌgreɪtˈgrænˌpɛər ənt, -ˌpær-, -ˈgrænd-/ noun 1. a grandfather or grandmother of one’s father or mother.

  • Great-grandson

    [greyt-gran-suhn, -grand-] /ˌgreɪtˈgrænˌsʌn, -ˈgrænd-/ noun 1. a grandson of one’s son or daughter.

  • Great-gray-owl

    noun 1. a large, dish-faced, gray owl, Strix nebulosa, of northern North America and western Eurasia, having streaked and barred plumage.

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