Alan, born 1926, U.S. economist: chairman of the Federal Reserve Board 1987–2006.
Contemporary Examples

The difference: Greenspan said it in his memoir, published once he was safely retired from government service.
Why Hagel Matters Peter Beinart January 6, 2013

Greenspan was the leading advocate of this ideological assumption, for which he has recently and ruefully apologized.
Bernanke’s Dangerous Game Jeff Madrick June 6, 2009

Consider, for example, this snippet of Greenspan’s testimony today.
If I Did It Paul Kedrosky October 22, 2008

She criticized Greenspan for being too loose in the 1990s and now backs quantitative easing.
Janet Yellen Won’t Change the Fed Russ Roberts October 8, 2013

In other words, Greenspan only noticed the bubble as it began imploding.
If I Did It Paul Kedrosky October 22, 2008

People forget all too readily, but Greenspan is a consultant to Pimco, the largest bond manager in this quadrant of the galaxy.
Greenspan’s Hidden Agenda Paul Kedrosky February 17, 2009

I don’t think Greenspan is just burnishing his reputation or rethinking his intellectual underpinnings.
Greenspan’s Hidden Agenda Paul Kedrosky February 17, 2009

Greenspan was infatuated with all sorts of markets, including financial ones.
Roger Ferguson Is Wall Street’s Fantasy for Federal Reserve Chairman Daniel Gross September 23, 2013

But even if Greenspan had seen a bubble, he had another confession to make.
If I Did It Paul Kedrosky October 22, 2008

To save the banking system, Greenspan, along with a claque of Republicans like Lindsey Graham, now endorses nationalization.
The Naked Truth Tina Brown February 17, 2009

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