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George, 1712–70, British statesman: prime minister 1763–65.
Also, Greynville. Sir Richard, 1541?–91, English naval commander.
William Wyndham, Baron, 1759–1834, British statesman: prime minister 1806–07 (son of George Grenville).
Historical Examples

Grenville then asked where he was to be executed, and was told about a dozen miles from East Utah, near to the western bridge.
Into the Unknown Lawrence Fletcher

There is a copy of this very rare book in the Grenville collection.
A Short History of English Printing, 1476-1898 Henry R. Plomer

After he was gone, and while Leigh was attending him to the door, Mrs. Leigh and Grenville kept a few minutes’ dead silence.
Westward Ho! Charles Kingsley

Pitt and Grenville were well aware of this from Gower’s despatches.
William Pitt and the Great War John Holland Rose

Remarkable charges are the three organs of Grenville, who held of the house of Clare, the lords of Glamorgan.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 13, Slice 3 Various

In these words Grenville passed sentence of death upon Poland.
William Pitt and the Great War John Holland Rose

This ended the matter, for the Grenville and Bedford parties were strongly in favour of American taxation.
The Political History of England – Vol. X. William Hunt

Finally, on 4th February, Grenville ordered Maret to leave the country.
William Pitt and the Great War John Holland Rose

Grenville afterwards spoke to the envoy in the same courteous but non-committal manner.
William Pitt and the Great War John Holland Rose

Here he showed himself not a son of Chatham, but a Grenville.
William Pitt and the Great War John Holland Rose

George. 1712–70, British statesman; prime minister (1763–65). His policy of taxing the American colonies precipitated the War of Independence
Kate. born 1950. Australian writer. Her novels include Lilian’s Story (1985), The Idea of Perfection (2002) and The Secret River (2005)
Sir Richard. ?1541–91, English naval commander. He was fatally wounded aboard his ship, the Revenge, during a lone battle with a fleet of Spanish treasure ships
William Wyndham, Baron Grenville, son of George Grenville. 1759–1834, British statesman; prime minister (1806–07) of the coalition government known as the “ministry of all the talents”


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