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[grip-uh l] /ˈgrɪp əl/

adjective, British Dialect.
miserly; avaricious.


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  • Grippy

    [grip-ee] /ˈgrɪp i/ adjective, grippier, grippiest. 1. afflicted with the . [grip-ee] /ˈgrɪp i/ adjective, grippier, grippiest. Chiefly Scot. 1. stingy; avaricious. /ˈgrɪpɪ/ adjective 1. (of a material) having adhesive qualities

  • Gripsack

    [grip-sak] /ˈgrɪpˌsæk/ noun, Older Use. 1. a traveling bag; .

  • Gript

    [gript] /grɪpt/ verb 1. a past participle and simple past tense of . [grip] /grɪp/ noun 1. the act of grasping; a seizing and holding fast; firm grasp. 2. the power of gripping: He has a strong grip. 3. a grasp, hold, or control. 4. mental or intellectual hold: to have a good grip on […]

  • Grip tape

    noun 1. a rough tape for sticking to a surface to provide a greater grip

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