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[groo-nuh n-dahl, groh-, grey-, gren-uh n-] /ˈgru nənˌdɑl, ˈgroʊ-, ˈgreɪ-, ˈgrɛn ən-/

former name of .


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  • Groening

    /ˈɡreɪnɪŋ/ noun 1. Matt(hew). born 1954, US cartoonist and writer, creator and producer of The Simpsons television series from 1989

  • Groete

    [Dutch khroo-tuh; English groht] /Dutch ˈxru tə; English groʊt/ noun 1. Gerhard [Dutch khey-rahrt;; English gair-hahrt] /Dutch ˈxeɪ rɑrt;; English ˈgɛər hɑrt/ (Show IPA), .

  • Grofe

    [groh-fey, gruh-fey] /ˈgroʊ feɪ, grəˈfeɪ/ noun 1. Ferde [fur-dee] /ˈfɜr di/ (Show IPA), (Ferdinand Rudolf von Grofé) 1892–1972, U.S. composer.

  • Groff

    GNU roff. GNU’s implementation of roff in C++. See also nroff, troff. Version 1.07 by James J. Clark . FTP groff-1.07.tar.z from a GNU archive site. (1993-03-03)

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