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[groh-pee-uh s; German groh-pee-oo s] /ˈgroʊ pi əs; German ˈgroʊ piˌʊs/

[wawl-ter;; German vahl-tuh r] /ˈwɔl tər;; German ˈvɑl tər/ (Show IPA), 1883–1969, German architect, in the U.S. from 1937.
Walter. 1883–1969, US architect, designer, and teacher, born in Germany. He founded (1919) and directed (1919–28) the Bauhaus in Germany. His influence stemmed from his adaptation of architecture to modern social needs and his pioneering use of industrial materials, such as concrete and steel. His buildings include the Fagus factory at Alfeld (1911) and the Bauhaus at Dessau (1926)


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