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[ground-sil] /ˈgraʊndˌsɪl/

the lowermost sill of a framed structure, especially one lying close to the ground.
another name for ground plate


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  • Ground-sloth

    noun 1. any of various extinct large, edentate mammals from the Pleistocene Epoch of North and South America resembling modern sloths but living on the ground rather than in trees.

  • Ground-sluice

    noun, Mining. 1. a trench, cut through a placer or through bedrock, through which a stream is diverted in order to dislodge and wash the gravel.

  • Groundsman

    /ˈɡraʊndzmən/ noun (pl) -men 1. a person employed to maintain a sports ground, park, etc

  • Ground someone

    verb phrase To deny privileges to someone, esp to keep someone confined at home as a punishment: If my father got a pair of bell-bottoms, I think I’d ground him [1940s+; fr the practice of not permitting a pilot to fly, as a punishment, the word found by 1931]

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