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Grunge metal


See grunge music


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  • Grunge music

    noun a style of rock music featuring harsh guitar chords, heavy riffs and drumming, and whose performers wear sloppy clothes; also called grunge , grunge rock , grunge metal Usage Note music

  • Grunger

    noun any person who dresses in the style associated with grunge music, layered old clothes and chunky shoes or boots; a person of living the grunge lifestyle; a fan of grunge music

  • Grunge rock

    noun See grunge music

  • Grungier

    [gruhn-jee] /ˈgrʌn dʒi/ adjective, grungier, grungiest. Slang. 1. ugly, run-down, or dilapidated: a grungy, abandoned mill town. 2. dirty; filthy: a pair of grungy sneakers. /ˈɡrʌndʒɪ/ adjective (slang) -gier, -giest 1. (mainly US & Canadian) squalid or seedy 2. (of pop music) characterized by a loud fuzzy guitar sound adj. “sloppy, shabby,” 1965, American English […]

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