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Gummatous abscess

gummatous abscess n.
An abscess due to the softening and breaking down of a gumma, especially in bone. Also called syphilitic abscess.


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  • Gummed

    [guhmd] /gʌmd/ adjective 1. covered with a gummy substance. [guhm] /gʌm/ noun 1. any of various viscid, amorphous exudations from plants, hardening on exposure to air and soluble in or forming a viscid mass with water. 2. any of various similar exudations, as resin. 3. a preparation of such a substance, as for use in […]

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    [guhm-ahyt] /ˈgʌm aɪt/ noun, Mineralogy. 1. a yellow to red alteration product of pitchblende and a minor ore of uranium, having a greasy luster and occurring in gumlike masses. /ˈɡʌmaɪt/ noun 1. an orange or yellowish amorphous secondary mineral consisting of hydrated uranium oxides

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    /ɡʌˈməʊsɪs/ noun 1. the abnormal production of excessive gum in certain trees, esp fruit trees, as a result of wounding, infection, adverse weather conditions, severe pruning, etc

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    [guhm-uh s] /ˈgʌm əs/ adjective 1. consisting of or resembling gum; gummy. /ˈɡʌməs/ adjective 1. (rare) resembling or consisting of gum

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