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[guhn-ther for 1, 3; goo n-ter for 2] /ˈgʌn θər for 1, 3; ˈgʊn tər for 2/

John, 1901–1970, U.S. journalist and author.
(in the Nibelungenlied) a king of Burgundy and the husband of Brunhild, beheaded by Kriemhild in her revenge for the murder of Siegfried.
Compare .
a male given name.
(in the Nibelungenlied) a king of Burgundy, allied with Siegfried, who won for him his wife Brunhild. He corresponds to Gunnar in Norse mythology

also Gunter, masc. proper name, Old High German Gundhard, literally “bold in war,” from gund “war” (see gun) + hart “hard, strong, bold” (see hard).


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