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[gur-guh l] /ˈgɜr gəl/

verb (used without object), gurgled, gurgling.
to flow in a broken, irregular, noisy current:
The water gurgled from the bottle.
to make a sound as of water doing this (often used of birds or of human beings).
verb (used with object), gurgled, gurgling.
to utter or express with a gurgling sound:
The baby gurgled its delight.
the act or noise of gurgling.
verb (intransitive)
(of liquids, esp of rivers, streams, etc) to make low bubbling noises when flowing
to utter low throaty bubbling noises, esp as a sign of contentment: the baby gurgled with delight
the act or sound of gurgling

early 15c., medical term for “gurgling heard in the abdomen,” a native, echoic formation, or ultimately from Latin gurguliare, perhaps via Dutch, German gurgeln. Extended (non-anatomical) use, in reference to water over stones, etc., is first recorded 1713. “This phenomenon of long specialized use before becoming a part of the general vocabulary is often found in English” [Barnhart]. Related: Gurgled; gurgling. As a noun from early 15c.


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