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[gur-kuh, goo r-] /ˈgɜr kə, ˈgʊər-/

noun, plural Gurkhas (especially collectively) Gurkha.
a member of a Rajput people, Hindu in religion, who achieved dominion over Nepal in the 18th century.
a Nepalese soldier in the British or Indian army.
/ˈɡʊəkɑː; ˈɡɜːkə/
noun (pl) -khas, -kha
a member of a Hindu people, descended from Brahmins and Rajputs, living chiefly in Nepal, where they achieved dominance after being driven from India by the Muslims
a member of this people serving as a soldier in the Indian or British army

1811, member of a dominant race of Nepal, of Hindu descent, famous as warriors. Said to be ultimately from Sanskrit gauh “cow” + raksati “he protects.”


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