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  • Gutta-percha

    [guht-uh-pur-chuh] /ˈgʌt əˈpɜr tʃə/ noun 1. the milky juice, nearly white when pure, of various Malaysian trees of the sapodilla family, especially Palaquium gutta. 2. the tough, rubberlike gum made from this and used as a dental cement, in the manufacture of golf balls, for insulating electric wires, etc. /ˈɡʌtəˈpɜːtʃə/ noun 1. any of several […]

  • Gutta-percha point

    gutta-percha point n. A cone of a gutta percha compound used for filling root canals in conjunction with a cement, paste, or plastic.

  • Guttat.

    guttat. abbr. Latin guttatim (drop by drop) Latin guttatim (drop by drop)

  • Guttate

    [guht-eyt] /ˈgʌt eɪt/ adjective, Biology. 1. resembling a drop; having droplike markings. /ˈɡʌteɪt/ adjective (biology) 1. (esp of plants) covered with small drops or droplike markings, esp oil glands 2. resembling a drop or drops guttate gut·tate (gŭt’āt’) or gut·tat·ed (-ā’tĭd) adj.

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