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[hak-muh-tak] /ˈhæk məˌtæk/

(def 1).


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  • Hack mode

    jargon Engaged in hacking. A Zen-like state of total focus on The Problem that may be achieved when one is hacking (this is why every good hacker is part mystic). Ability to enter such concentration at will correlates strongly with wizardliness; it is one of the most important skills learned during larval stage. Sometimes amplified […]

  • Hackney-coach

    noun 1. (def 1). 2. a four-wheeled carriage having six seats and drawn by two horses.

  • Hackneyed

    [hak-need] /ˈhæk nid/ adjective 1. made commonplace or trite; stale; banal: the hackneyed images of his poetry. [hak-nee] /ˈhæk ni/ noun, plural hackneys. 1. Also called hackney coach. a carriage or coach for hire; cab. 2. a trotting horse used for drawing a light carriage or the like. 3. a horse used for ordinary riding […]

  • Hack off

    verb (adv) 1. (informal) (transitive; often passive) to annoy, irritate, or disappoint

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