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[noun heyl-fel-oh; adjective heyl-fel-oh] /noun ˈheɪlˈfɛl oʊ; adjective ˈheɪlˌfɛl oʊ/

Also, hail fellow, hail-fellow well met. a spiritedly sociable person; jolly companion.
sociable; heartily genial:
His hail-fellow manner helped him to advance in the sales force.


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    [heyl] /heɪl/ verb (used with object) 1. to cheer, salute, or greet; welcome. 2. to acclaim; approve enthusiastically: The crowds hailed the conquerors. They hailed the recent advances in medicine. 3. to call out to in order to stop, attract attention, ask aid, etc.: to hail a cab. verb (used without object) 4. to call […]

  • Hail-fellow-well-met

    adjective 1. genial and familiar, esp in an offensive or ingratiating way: a hail-fellow-well-met slap on the back A term describing a person who is superficially friendly and is always trying to gain friends. Such a person may also be referred to as a “glad-hander.”

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