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[hairz-bredth, -bretth, -breth] /ˈhɛərzˌbrɛdθ, -ˌbrɛtθ, -ˌbrɛθ/

a very small space or distance:
We escaped an accident by a hairsbreadth.
extremely narrow or close.


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  • Hair-seal

    noun 1. any of various seals having coarse hair and no soft underfur. noun 1. any earless seal, esp the harbour seal, having a coat of stiff hair with no underfur

  • Hair sheep

    noun 1. any variety of sheep growing hair instead of wool, yielding hides with a finer and tougher grain than those of wool sheep

  • Hair-shirt

    noun 1. a garment of coarse haircloth, worn next to the skin as a penance by ascetics and penitents. 2. self-imposed punishment, suffering, sacrifice, or penance. noun 1. a shirt made of haircloth worn next to the skin as a penance 2. a secret trouble or affliction n. garment of ascetics and penitents, 1680s, from […]

  • Hair slide

    noun 1. a hinged clip with a tortoiseshell, bone, or similar back, used to fasten the hair

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