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Arthur Henry, 1811–35, English poet and essayist.
his father, Henry, 1777–1859, English historian.
Contemporary Examples

Admittedly, a lovely, smart London house, but Hallam has to work.
Alex Kingston on ‘Doctor Who,’ ‘Downton Abbey,’ and ‘Upstairs Downstairs’ Jace Lacob September 24, 2012

Historical Examples

In the spring of this year he had written to Thompson: “Hallam announces himself this morning as not otherwise than unwell.”
Tennyson and His Friends Various

The truth which I have written there is better for thee than a fortune, Hallam.
Reels and Spindles Evelyn Raymond

“I should advise you not to interfere any further, Mrs. Hallam,” he told her in a tone low, but charged with meaning.
The Black Bag Louis Joseph Vance

Hallam and I rode our burros, but we were very tired when it was over.
Reels and Spindles Evelyn Raymond

Hallam was a man below the medium size, a little stooped, and of quiet demeanor.
The Old Pike Thomas B. Searight

Hallam mounted, crossed his crutches before him, and lifted his cap.
Reels and Spindles Evelyn Raymond

Your correspondent observes also: “What Mr. Hallam calls an ‘edition,’ was the first publication.”
Notes and Queries, Vol. IV, Number 102, October 11, 1851 Various

His thoughts were never profound, but Hallam flushed and felt ashamed.
Reels and Spindles Evelyn Raymond

The woman would have led again, but young Hallam cut in, none too courteously.
The Black Bag Louis Joseph Vance


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