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[hang-oh-ver] /ˈhæŋˌoʊ vər/

the disagreeable physical aftereffects of drunkenness, such as a headache or stomach disorder, usually felt several hours after cessation of drinking.
something remaining behind from a former period or state of affairs.
any aftermath of or lingering effect from a distressing experience:
the post-Watergate hangover in Washington.
the delayed aftereffects of drinking too much alcohol in a relatively short period of time, characterized by headache and sometimes nausea and dizziness
a person or thing left over from or influenced by a past age

also hang-over, 1894, “a survival, a thing left over from before,” from hang (v.) + over. Meaning “after-effect of drinking too much” is first attested 1904, on notion of something left over from the night before.


The headache, morbid sensitivity, nausea, etc, felt upon awakening some hours after drinking too much liquor (1912+)


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