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[hang-ker-ing] /ˈhæŋ kər ɪŋ/

a longing; craving.
[hang-ker] /ˈhæŋ kər/
verb (used without object)
to have a restless or incessant longing (often followed by after, for, or an infinitive).
foll by for, after, or an infinitive. to have a yearning (for something or to do something)

“mental craving,” 1660s, see hanker.

c.1600, of unknown origin, probably from Flemish hankeren, related to Dutch hunkeren “to hanker,” of unknown origin; perhaps an intensive of Middle Dutch hangen “to hang” (see hang (v.)). If so, the notion is of “lingering about” with longing or craving. Related: Hankered; hankering.


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