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[hap] /hæp/

one’s luck or lot.
an occurrence, happening, or accident.
verb (used without object), happed, happing.
to happen:
if it so hap.
[hap, ap] /hæp, æp/ Chiefly Pennsylvania.
a comforter or quilt.
verb (used with object)
to cover with or as with a comforter or quilt.
noun (archaic)
luck; chance
an occurrence
verb haps, happing, happed
(intransitive) an archaic word for happen
verb (transitive)
to cover up; wrap up warmly
a covering of any kind

c.1200, “chance, a person’s luck, fortune, fate;” also “unforeseen occurrence,” from Old Norse happ “chance, good luck,” from Proto-Germanic *khapan (source of Old English gehæp “convenient, fit”), from PIE *kob- “to suit, fit, succeed” (cf. Old Church Slavonic kobu “fate, foreboding, omen,” Old Irish cob “victory”). Meaning “good fortune” is from early 13c.

“to happen,” mid-14c., from hap (n.) “chance.”
hazardous air pollutant


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