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Hard labour

(criminal law) (formerly) the penalty of compulsory physical labour imposed in addition to a sentence of imprisonment: abolished in England in 1948


Read Also:

  • Hard-labor

    noun 1. compulsory labor imposed upon criminals in addition to imprisonment, generally not exceeding ordinary labor in severity or amount.

  • Hardy-ageratum

    noun 1. the mistflower.

  • Hard yards

    plural noun 1. a great deal of effort or hard work, esp in playing a sport: Dallaglio’s ability to make the hard yards and cross the gain line

  • Hardy-rand-ritter test

    Hardy-Rand-Ritter test Har·dy-Rand-Ritter test (här’dē-rānd’-) n. A test for color-vision deficiency similar to the Ishihara test.

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