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[hahrd-skeyp] /ˈhɑrdˌskeɪp/

the manmade part of the grounds surrounding a building, as paved areas or statues.


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  • Hard-science

    noun 1. any of the natural or physical sciences, as chemistry, biology, physics, or astronomy, in which aspects of the universe are investigated by means of hypotheses and experiments. noun 1. noun phrase A science such as chemistry or physics where the data and conclusions are supportable by objective criteria (1960s+)

  • Hardscrabble

    [hahrd-skrab-uh l] /ˈhɑrdˌskræb əl/ adjective 1. providing or yielding meagerly in return for much effort; demanding or unrewarding: the hardscrabble existence of mountainside farmers. /ˈhɑːdˌskræbəl/ noun (US, informal) 1. (modifier) (of a place) difficult to make a living in; barren 2. great effort made in the face of difficulties adj. 1804, U.S. colloquial, the name […]

  • Hard sector

    storage An archaic floppy disk format employing multiple synchronisation holes in the media to define the sectors. (1995-01-24)

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    [hahrd-sel] /ˈhɑrdˈsɛl/ verb (used with or without object), hard-sold, hard-selling. 1. to sell or advertise (something) in a forceful and insistent way: to hard-sell new car models to reluctant buyers. 2. to convince (someone) in a forceful and insistent way: to hard-sell customers on a new product. adjective 3. characterized by or promoted through a […]

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