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Benjamin, 1726?–91, American political leader (father of William Henry Harrison).
Benjamin, 1833–1901, twenty-third president of the U.S. 1889–93 (grandson of William Henry Harrison).
George, 1943–2001, English singer and songwriter: lead guitarist for the Beatles.
Peter, 1716–75, English architect in the U.S.
(Sir) Reginald Carey (Rex) 1908–90, English stage and film actor.
William Henry, 1773–1841, U.S. general: ninth president of the U.S. 1841.
a city in SE New York.
a town in W Pennsylvania.
a town in NE New Jersey.
a male given name.
Contemporary Examples

Then he morphed into Harrison Ford for Patriot Games (1992) and Clear and Present Danger (1994).
Want To Know What America Thinks of Itself? Watch Jack Ryan on Wall Street Andrew Romano January 17, 2014

From Harrison Ford to Jack Nicholson, many actors have taken a spin in the Oval Office.
From ‘Mars Attacks!’ to ‘White House Down’: Watch the Best and Worst Fictional Presidents From TV and Film Mike Munoz February 13, 2014

A devout believer, Harrison credits religion with helping her to persevere.
American Moms: Unsung Heroes of a Bad Economy Leslie Bennetts December 14, 2011

Though just shy of fifteen, Harrison looked to be only about twelve, and at first Lennon only barely tolerated him.
What Made the Beatles So Big? Diagnosing ‘Beatlemania’ John McMillian October 30, 2013

Harrison Ford thinks it would be “perfectly appropriate” to be Indiana Jones at the age of 71.
The Ultimate Guide to ‘Indiana Jones 5’: Bradley Cooper Casting Rumors and More Marina Watts March 25, 2014

Historical Examples

In the opinion of Mr. Harrison, this ‘is the age of accurate translation.
The Quarterly Review, Volume 162, No. 324, April, 1886 Various

Mr. Tomlinson had trouble with the people at Mr. Folsom’s and Mr. Harrison’s both.
Letters from Port Royal Various

And it’s my belief that Harrison never would ‘a’ been the soldier he was if he hadn’t had his mother’s conscience.
The Land of Long Ago Eliza Calvert Hall

Mr. Rotch then proceeded with the committee to Mr. Harrison’s lodgings, and made the demand.
Tea Leaves Various

He mounted his horse, therefore, and was on the point of starting homeward when Dr. Harrison accosted him.
A Man of Honor George Cary Eggleston

Benjamin. 1833–1901, 23rd president of the US (1889–93)
George. 1943–2001, British rock singer, guitarist, and songwriter: a member of the Beatles (1962–70). His solo recordings include All Things Must Pass (1970) and Cloud Nine (1987)
Rex (Carey). 1908–90, British actor. His many films include Major Barbara (1940), Blithe Spirit (1945), and My Fair Lady (1964)
Tony. born 1937, British poet, dramatist, and translator: best known for his poems for television and his translations for the stage
grandfather of Benjamin, William Henry. 1773–1841, 9th president of the US (1841)


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