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Harvest bug

harvest bug har·vest bug (här’vĭst)
See chigger.


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  • Harvest c

    A C compiler, assembler and linker for the Macintosh by Eric W. Sink. The parts of the system are integrated in a single application, which manages a “project” composed by several C source files and resource files (which contain data). Version 1.3. (ftp://archive.umich.edu/mac/development/languages/). (1992-05-26)

  • Harvested

    [hahr-vist] /ˈhɑr vɪst/ noun 1. Also, harvesting. the gathering of crops. 2. the season when ripened crops are gathered. 3. a crop or yield of one growing season. 4. a supply of anything gathered at maturity and stored: a harvest of wheat. 5. the result or consequence of any act, process, or event: The journey […]

  • Harvester

    [hahr-vuh-ster] /ˈhɑr və stər/ noun 1. a person who ; reaper. 2. any of various farm machines for field crops. 3. an orange-brown butterfly, Feniseca tarquinius, the larvae of which are predacious on aphids. /ˈhɑːvɪstə/ noun 1. a person who harvests 2. a harvesting machine, esp a combine harvester n. “a reaper,” 1590s; agent noun […]

  • Harvester-ant

    noun 1. any of several red or black ants, especially of the genus Pogonomyrmex, of the southwestern U.S., that feed on and store the seeds of grasses.

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