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(Named after the logician Haskell Curry) A lazy purely functional language largely derived from Miranda but with several extensions. Haskell was designed by a committee from the functional programming community in April 1990. It features static polymorphic typing, higher-order functions, user-defined algebraic data types, and pattern-matching list comprehensions. Innovations include a class system, systematic operator overloading, a functional I/O system, functional arrays, and separate compilation.
Haskell 1.3 added many new features, including monadic I/O, standard libraries, constructor classes, labeled fields in datatypes, strictness annotations, an improved module system, and many changes to the Prelude.
Gofer is a cut-down version of Haskell with some extra features.
Filename extension: .hs, .lhs (literate programming).
[“Report on the Programming Language Haskell Version 1.1”, Paul Hudak & P. Wadler eds, CS Depts, U Glasgow and Yale U., Aug 1991].
[Version 1.2: SIGPLAN Notices 27(5), Apr 1992].
Haskell 1.3 Report (http://haskell.cs.yale.edu/haskell-report/haskell-report.html).
Mailing list: .
Yale Haskell – Version 2.0.6, Haskell 1.2 built on Common Lisp.
Glasgow Haskell (GHC) – Version 2.04 for DEC Alpha/OSF2; HPPA1.1/HPUX9,10; SPARC/SunOs 4, Solaris 2; MIPS/Irix 5,6; Intel 80386/Linux,Solaris 2,FreeBSD,CygWin 32; PowerPC/AIX. GHC generates C or native code.
E-mail: .
Haskell-B – Haskell 1.2 implemented in LML, generates native code.
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