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[hav-not, -not] /ˈhævˌnɒt, -ˈnɒt/

Usually, have-nots. an individual or group that is without wealth, social position, or other material benefits (contrasted with ).
(usually pl) a person or group of people in possession of relatively little material wealth

“poor person,” 1742, from have + not. Have in the sense of “one who ‘has,’ one of the wealthier class of persons” is from the same source. Earliest in translation of “Don Quixote:

‘A fig for Basilius’s abilities! for, you are worth just as much as you have, and you have just as much as you are worth. There are but two families in the world, as my grandmother used to say; “the Have’s and the Have-not’s,” and she stuck to the former; and now-a-days, master Don Quixote, people are more inclined to feel the pulse of Have than of Know.’ [“Don Quixote de la Mancha,” transl. Charles Jarvis, London, 1742]


: the have-not nations of the Third World


A poor person, region, etc (1919+)


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