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Have the munchies

verb phrase

To be hungry, esp for sweets and starches after using marijuana: I just smoked the smoke and got the munchies and I got real fat (1960s+ Narcotics & counterculture)


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  • Have the rag on

    verb phrase To menstruate; fall off the roof (1940s+)

  • Have the say

    see: have a say in , def. 3.

  • Have the shorts

    verb phrase To be short of money: I told him I had the shorts/ This partnership still has a severe case of the shorts (1930s+)

  • Have the world by the balls

    verb phrase (Variations: by the tail or on a string may replace by the balls) To be in a very profitable and dominant situation; HAVE something CINCHED, shit in high cotton: Dunning had the world by the balls/ With a good agent, you’ve got the world by the balls (1970s+)

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