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[hawg] /hɔg/

noun, verb (used with or without object), Pronunciation Spelling.


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  • Haw-haw

    [haw-haw] /ˈhɔˌhɔ/ interjection 1. (used to represent the sound of a loud, boisterous laugh.) noun 2. a guffaw. /ˈhɔːˈhɔː/ interjection 1. a variant of ha-ha1 /ˈhɔːhɔː/ noun 1. a variant of ha-ha2 /ˈhɔːˌhɔː/ noun 1. Lord Haw-Haw, See Joyce

  • Have oneself

    Enjoy something, as in Be sure to have yourself a good nap, or They were having themselves a great time at the fair. The oneself in this colloquial expression adds emphasis to the verb have.

  • Have one in the hopper

    verb phrase To be pregnant; have a pregnant wife: I’ve only been married a short time, but we’ve got one in the hopper (1970s+)

  • Have no truck with

    Have no dealings with, as in The doctor said he wanted no truck with midwives. This term was first recorded in 1868, although truck in the sense of “dealings” dates from the early 1600s.

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