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Henry draper

[drey-per] /ˈdreɪ pər/

Henry, 1837–82, U.S. astronomer.
his father, John William, 1811–82, U.S. chemist, physiologist, historian, and writer; born in England.
Ruth, 1884–1956, U.S. diseuse and writer of character sketches.
(Brit) a dealer in fabrics and sewing materials
Henry. 1837–82, US astronomer, who contributed to stellar classification and spectroscopy
his father, John William. 1811–82, US chemist and historian, born in England, made the first photograph of the moon

mid-14c. (mid-12c. as a surname), “one who weaves and/or sells cloth,” from Anglo-French draper, Old French drapier (13c.) “draper, clothes-seller, clothes-maker,” agent noun from drap (see drape (v.)).
American astronomer who developed methods for photographing celestial objects and phenomena. He became the first to photograph a stellar spectrum (1872) and a nebula (1880).


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