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Hereditary angioneurotic edema

hereditary angioneurotic edema n.
A hereditary condition manifested by recurring episodes of edema of the skin, mucous membranes of viscera and associated with either a deficiency of an esterase inhibitor of one of the components of complement or a functionally inactive form of the inhibitor.


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  • Hereditary cerebral leukodystrophy

    hereditary cerebral leukodystrophy n. See Merzbacher-Pelizaeus disease.

  • Hereditary chorea

    hereditary chorea n. A chronic disorder characterized by choreic movements in the face and extremities, accompanied by a gradual loss of the mental faculties ending in dementia. Also called Huntington’s chorea, Huntington’s disease.

  • Hereditary hypertrophic neuropathy

    hereditary hypertrophic neuropathy n. An inherited chronic sensorimotor multiple neuropathy characterized by the progressive swelling and mucoid degeneration of peripheral nerves. Also called Déjérine’s disease.

  • Hereditary lymphedema

    hereditary lymphedema n. Permanent pitting edema, usually confined to the lower extremities. Also called trophedema.

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