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[huh-ret-i-kuh l] /həˈrɛt ɪ kəl/

of, relating to, or characteristic of heretics or .

early 15c., from Middle French eretical and directly from Medieval Latin haereticalis, from haereticus (see heretic).


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  • Hereto

    [heer-too] /hɪərˈtu/ adverb 1. to this matter, document, subject, etc.; regarding this point: attached hereto; agreeable hereto. /ˌhɪəˈtuː/ adverb 1. (formal) to this place, thing, matter, document, etc 2. an obsolete word for hitherto late 12c., from here + to.

  • Heretofore

    [heer-tuh-fawr, -fohr] /ˌhɪər təˈfɔr, -ˈfoʊr/ adverb 1. before this time; until now. /ˌhɪətʊˈfɔː/ adverb 1. (formal) until now; before this time adjective 2. (obsolete) previous; former noun 3. (archaic) the heretofore, the past c.1200, from here + obsolete Old English toforan.

  • Here to stay

    Permanent or established, as in I’m afraid the uncertainty about energy costs is here to stay. [ First half of 1900s ]

  • Hereunder

    [heer-uhn-der] /hɪərˈʌn dər/ adverb 1. or below this; subsequent to this. 2. authority of this. /ˌhɪərˈʌndə/ adverb (formal) 1. (in documents, etc) below this; subsequently; hereafter 2. under the terms or authority of this early 15c., from here + under.

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