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[her-self] /hərˈsɛlf/

an emphatic appositive of or :
She herself wrote the letter.
a reflexive form of :
She supports herself.
(used in absolute constructions):
Herself still only a child, she had to take care of her four younger brothers and sisters.
(used as the object of a preposition or as the direct or indirect object of a verb):
She gave herself a facial massage. He asked her for a picture of herself.
(used in comparisons after as or than):
She found out that the others were even more nervous than herself.
her normal or customary self:
After a few weeks of rest, she will be herself again.

(preceded by a copula) her normal or usual self: she looks herself again after the operation
(Irish & Scot) the wife or woman of the house: is herself at home?

Old English hire self; see her (objective case) + self. Originally dative, but since 14c. often treated as genitive, hence her own sweet self, etc. Also see himself.


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