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Highway code

(in Britain) an official government booklet giving guidance to users of public roads


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  • Highway-contract-route

    noun 1. a route for carrying mail over the highway between designated points, given on contract to a private carrier and often requiring, in rural areas, delivery to home mailboxes. Abbreviation: HCR.

  • Highwayman

    [hahy-wey-muh n] /ˈhaɪˌweɪ mən/ noun, plural highwaymen. 1. (formerly) a holdup man, especially one on horseback, who robbed travelers along a public road. /ˈhaɪˌweɪmən/ noun (pl) -men 1. (formerly) a robber, usually on horseback, who held up travellers n. “one who travels the highways with intent to rob people” (often on horseback and thus contrasted […]

  • Highway-patrol

    noun 1. a state law-enforcement organization whose officers safeguard the highways. 2. a law-enforcement officer or group of officers assigned to patrol a highway.

  • Highway ramp

    noun See exit ramp

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