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An information exchange protocol used in medicine, and possibly elsewhere. It is different from DICOM.


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  • HLA antigen

    noun, Immunology. 1. an antigen of the HLA group, designated by a letter (HLA-A, HLA-B, etc.) according to the chromosome locus on which the controlling HLA gene appears and additionally by a number (HLA-A1, HLA-A2, etc.) according to the order of discovery and identification.

  • HLA

    Immunology. 1. human leukocyte antigen: any of a complex of genetically determined antigens, occurring on the surface of almost every human cell, by which one person’s cells can be distinguished from another’s and the histocompatibility and genetic likeness of any two persons can be established: the major histocompatibility antigen of humans. HLA abbr. human leukocyte […]

  • Hla complex

    HLA complex n. See major histocompatibility complex.

  • HLA gene

    noun, Immunology. 1. any of a complex of genes, located on human chromosome 6, that govern the expression of HLA.

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