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[hoh-huhm, -huhm] /ˈhoʊˈhʌm, -ˌhʌm/

(an exclamation expressing boredom, weariness, or contempt.)
dull, boring, or routine; so-so:
a ho-hum performance.
(informal) lacking interest or inspiration; dull; mediocre: a ho-hum album

expression of boredom, by 1906. As an adjective, by 1956.


Unexciting; mediocre; dull: ho-hum sex and the dregs of countless six-packs/ After a ho-hum second quarter, stocks have perked up (1960s+)


An expression of boredom (1924+)


Boring matter; dull tripe (1960s+)


To be bored with; be indifferent to: On the other hand, we shouldn’t ho-hum the situation (1960s+)


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