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[hob-neyl] /ˈhɒbˌneɪl/

a large-headed for protecting the soles of heavy boots and shoes.
a small allover pattern consisting of small tufts, as on fabrics, or of small studs, as on glass.


1590s, the first element probably identical with hob “rounded peg or pin used as a mark or target in games” (1580s), of unknown origin. See hob. Because they were used to make rough shoes, the word was used figuratively for “rustic person” 17c. and after. Related: Hobnailed.


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  • Hobnail cell

    hobnail cell hob·nail cell (hŏb’nāl’) n. A cell in a mesonephroma having a round expansion of clear cytoplasm projecting into the lumen of neoplastic tubules and a narrow, basal part containing the nucleus.

  • Hobnailed

    [hob-neyld] /ˈhɒbˌneɪld/ adjective 1. furnished with . 2. rustic or loutish.

  • Hobnail liver

    hobnail liver n. A nodular appearance of the liver surface due to cirrhosis.

  • Hobnob with someone

    verb phrase To be on friendly terms with someone [1866+; fr earlier hob and nob, ”to drink familiarly together,” suggesting two men calling each other by nicknames]

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