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William Ernest, 1873–1966, U.S. philosopher.
the joint in the hind leg of a horse, cow, etc., above the fetlock joint, corresponding anatomically to the ankle in humans.
a corresponding joint in a fowl.
to hamstring.
pawn1 .
the state of being deposited or held as security; pawn:
She was forced to put her good jewelry in hock.
the condition of owing; debt:
After the loan was paid, he was finally out of hock.
Contemporary Examples

World Cup Primer Joshua Robinson June 11, 2010

Historical Examples

The Coming of the King James Hocking
The Small House at Allington Anthony Trollope
The Psychology of Nations G.E. Partridge
American Pomology J. A. Warder
Chaucer and His England G. G. Coulton
Books and Persons Arnold Bennett
Berry And Co. Dornford Yates
The Passenger Pigeon Various
The Coming of the King James Hocking

the joint at the tarsus of a horse or similar animal, pointing backwards and corresponding to the human ankle
the corresponding joint in domestic fowl
another word for hamstring
any of several white wines from the German Rhine
(not in technical usage) any dry white wine
(transitive) to pawn or pledge
the state of being in pawn (esp in the phrase in hock)
in hock

in prison
in debt
in pawn


When one gambler is caught by another, smarter than himself, and is beat, then he is in hock. Men are only caught, or put in hock, on the race-tracks, or on the steamboats down South. … Among thieves a man is in hock when he is in prison. [G.W. Matsell, “Vocabulum,” 1859]


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