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[hoi-tee-toi-tee] /ˈhɔɪ tiˈtɔɪ ti/

assuming airs; pretentious; haughty.
giddy; flighty.
giddy behavior.
(informal) arrogant or haughty: we have had enough of her hoity-toity manner

also hoity toity, 1660s, “riotous behavior,” from earlier highty tighty “frolicsome, flighty,” perhaps an alteration and reduplication of dialectal hoyting “acting the hoyden, romping” (1590s), see hoyden. Sense of “haughty” first recorded late 1800s, probably on similarity of sound.


Snobbishly exclusive; haughty; uppish; snooty: in the hoity-toitiest of Fifth Avenue shops/ Will he go all hoity-toity on us? (1668+)


(also highty-tighty): Highty tighty! What a debil of a rage (1695+)

[fr earlier highty-tighty, ”peremptory, quarrelsome,” perhaps related to the notion of being high in the sense of ”superior”]


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