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[hohk] /hoʊk/

verb (used with object), hoked, hoking.
to alter or manipulate so as to give a deceptively or superficially improved quality or value (usually followed by up):
a political speech hoked up with phony statistics.
(transitive) usually foll by up. to overplay (a part, etc)

often hoke up, 1935, theatrical slang, probably shortened from hokum.


hokum (1921+)


(also hoke up) To make fun of; treat insincerely; overplay: But don’t hoke it too hard, Beatrice/ It’s all right to hoke the incident, but not the theme/ Halaby hoked up a special ceremony (1935+)


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    adjective False; dishonestly confected; phony: hoked-up or fictionalized biographies/ a zest for hoked-up violence (1940s+)

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    [hoh-kee] /ˈhoʊ ki/ adjective, hokier, hokiest. 1. overly sentimental; mawkish: Two glasses of wine and he gets unbearably hokey; it’s hard to believe he’s a highly paid executive! Synonyms: corny, maudlin, melodramatic, cloying, goopy, mushy. 2. obviously contrived, especially to win popular appeal or support; phony: The hokey stories of his impoverished childhood always surface […]

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    [hoh-kee-poh-kee] /ˈhoʊ kiˈpoʊ ki/ noun 1. hocus-pocus; trickery. 2. ice cream as formerly sold by street vendors. /ˌhəʊkɪˈpəʊkɪ/ noun 1. another word for hocus-pocus (sense 1), hocus-pocus (sense 2) 2. (NZ) a brittle toffee sold in lumps 1847, “false cheap material,” perhaps an alteration of hocus-pocus, or from the nonsense chorus and title of a […]

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