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[holz] /hɒlz/

plural noun
Sometimes, hol. British Informal. (def 5).
variant of before a vowel:
combining form
a variant of holo-
plural noun
(Brit, school slang) holidays

hol- pref.
Variant of holo-.

Higher Order Logic. A proof-generating system for higher order logic based on LCF. Implementations include HOL-88 and HOL-90.
(ftp://ted.cs.uidaho.edu/pub/hol). Mailing list: info-hol@ted.cs.uidaho.edu.
[“HOL: A Machine Oriented Formulation of Higher Order Logic”, M.J.C. Gordon, Report 68, Comp Lab U Cambridge (1985)].
[“Introduction to HOL”, M.J.C. Gordon et al, Cambridge U Press 1993 ISBN 0-521-441897].


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  • Hol-88

    An implementation of HOL built on ML by Mike Gordon mjcg@cl.cam.ac.uk.

  • Hol-90

    An implementation of HOL built on SML/NJ by Brian Graham graham@cpsc.ucalgary.ca. Runs on Sun-4. (ftp://fsa.cpsc.ucalgary.ca/pub/hol90.tar.Z). Mailing list: info-hol@clover.ucdavis.edu.

  • Holandric gene

    holandric gene n. See Y-linked gene.

  • Holandric

    [ho-lan-drik, hoh-] /hɒˈlæn drɪk, hoʊ-/ adjective, Genetics. 1. of or relating to a heritable trait appearing only in males (opposed to ). holandric ho·lan·dric (hō-lān’drĭk, hŏ-) adj. Relating to a trait encoded by a gene or genes located on the Y-chromosome and therefore occurring only in males.

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