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Holandric gene

holandric gene n.
See Y-linked gene.


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    [ho-lan-drik, hoh-] /hɒˈlæn drɪk, hoʊ-/ adjective, Genetics. 1. of or relating to a heritable trait appearing only in males (opposed to ). holandric ho·lan·dric (hō-lān’drĭk, hŏ-) adj. Relating to a trait encoded by a gene or genes located on the Y-chromosome and therefore occurring only in males.

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    /ˈhəʊlˌɑːkɪ/ noun 1. a system composed of interacting holons

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    [ho-lahrk-tik, -ahr-tik, hoh-] /hɒˈlɑrk tɪk, -ˈɑr tɪk, hoʊ-/ adjective, Zoogeography. 1. belonging or pertaining to a geographical division comprising the Nearctic and Palearctic regions. /həʊˈlɑːktɪk/ adjective 1. of or denoting a zoogeographical region consisting of the Palaearctic and Nearctic regions

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