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[hoh-muh-sahy-klik, -sik-lik, hom-uh-] /ˌhoʊ məˈsaɪ klɪk, -ˈsɪk lɪk, ˌhɒm ə-/

adjective, Chemistry.
of or noting a compound having atoms of only one element, usually carbon, in the ring (contrasted with ).
/ˌhəʊməʊˈsaɪklɪk; -ˈsɪk-; ˌhɒm-/
(of an organic compound) containing a closed ring of atoms of the same kind, esp carbon atoms Compare heterocyclic
Containing a closed ring structure made of only one kind of atom. Benzene, for example, is a homocyclic compound, having a ring consisting of six carbon atoms. Compare heterocyclic.


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    /ˌhəʊməʊˈsɪstiːn/ noun 1. an amino acid occurring as an intermediate in the metabolism of methionine. Elevated levels in the blood may indicate increased risk of cardiovascular disease homocysteine ho·mo·cys·te·ine (hō’mə-sĭs’tə-ēn’, -ĭn, -tē-) n. An amino acid that is a homologue of cysteine, is produced by the demethylation of methionine, and forms a complex with serine […]

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    homocystine ho·mo·cys·tine (hō’mə-sĭs’tēn’) n. An amino acid resulting from the oxidation of homocysteine and excreted in the urine in homocystinuria.

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    homocystinuria ho·mo·cys·ti·nu·ri·a (hō’mə-sĭs’tə-nur’ē-ə, -nyur’-) n. An inherited metabolic disorder caused by a deficiency of an enzyme important in the metabolism of homocystine and characterized by the excretion of homocystine in the urine, mental retardation, dislocation of the crystalline lens of the eye, sparse blond hair, and cardiovascular and skeletal deformities.

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