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[hoo k-ee] /ˈhʊk i/

unjustifiable absence from school, work, etc. (usually used in the phrase play hooky):
On the first warm spring day the boys played hooky to go fishing.
(informal, mainly US & Canadian, NZ) truancy, usually from school (esp in the phrase play hooky)

also hookey, in the truant sense, 1848, American English (New York City), from Dutch hoekje “hide and seek;” or else from hook it, attested since 14c. as “make off, run away,” originally “depart, proceed.”


Captivating; very attractive; catchy: It’s also more insinuatingly hooky than Led Zep ever was/ After the first few merely hooky tracks (1930s+)


play hooky (1950s+)
see: play hooky


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