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Horse apple

noun phrase


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  • Horseback

    [hawrs-bak] /ˈhɔrsˌbæk/ noun 1. the back of a horse. 2. Geology. a low, natural ridge of sand or gravel; an esker. Compare . adverb 3. on horseback: to ride horseback. adjective 4. made or given in a casual or speculative way; approximate or offhand: a horseback estimate on the construction costs. /ˈhɔːsˌbæk/ noun 1. late […]

  • Horse-balm

    noun 1. a lemon-scented plant, Collinsonia canadensis, of eastern North America, having small yellow flowers.

  • Horse-bean

    noun 1. . noun 1. another name for broad bean

  • Horse-block

    noun 1. a step or block of stone, wood, etc., for getting on or off a horse or in or out of a vehicle.

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