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Hypotonic solution


any solution with a lower salt concentration than normal body cells so that water flows into the cells by osmosis; any solution with a lower osmotic pressure than another solution


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  • Hypotoxicity

    hypotoxicity hy·po·tox·ic·i·ty (hī’pō-tŏk-sĭs’ĭ-tē) n. The quality of being only slightly toxic.

  • Hypotrachelium

    [hahy-poh-truh-kee-lee-uh m] /ˌhaɪ poʊ trəˈki li əm/ noun, plural hypotrachelia [hahy-poh-truh-kee-lee-uh] /ˌhaɪ poʊ trəˈki li ə/ (Show IPA) 1. (on a classical column) any member, as a necking, between the capital and the shaft.

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    [hahy-puh-trik] /ˈhaɪ pə trɪk/ noun 1. any ciliate of the suborder Hypotricha, having cilia chiefly on the ventral surface.

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    hypotrichosis hy·po·tri·cho·sis (hī’pō-trĭ-kō’sĭs) n. A less than normal amount of hair on the head or body.

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