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incurred but not reported


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  • Ibn-rushd

    /ˌɪbənˈrʊʃt/ noun 1. the Arabic name of Averroës

  • Ibn-sina

    /ˌɪbənˈsiːnə/ noun 1. the Arabic name of Avicenna

  • Ibo

    [ee-boh] /ˈi boʊ/ noun, plural Ibos (especially collectively) Ibo. 1. a member of an indigenous black people of southeastern Nigeria, renowned as traders and for their art. 2. the language of the Ibo, a Kwa language. /ˈiːbəʊ/ noun 1. (pl) -bos, -bo. a member of a Negroid people of W Africa, living chiefly in S […]

  • Ibn zuhr

    ibn Zuhr (ĭb’ən zur’) See Avenzoar.

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